Laser Eye Surgery Explained


Diagram of the eye
The front surface of the eye (cornea) acts as a lens. With perfect sight, the image is brought into sharp focus on the back surface of the eye (retina). Vision problems occur when the image is not accurately focused on the back of the eye and vision is blurred.
The usual method for correcting eyesight problems and disorders is with glasses or contact lenses. Their power is measured in dioptres, according to the strength of a round (spherical) lens that enables the clearest possible vision.

Laser Eye Surgery for Short Sight (Myopia)

Diagram of Myopic Eye
Short sight is hereditary and develops through the teens, affecting 20% of the population. If you are short-sighted, the focusing power of your eyes is too strong. Objects at a distance appear blurred and close up vision is clear.
Your glasses will make things look smaller when held at arms length (a negative power lens is thinner in the middle). The laser is set to reduce the thickness of the cornea in the central zone, reducing its focusing power. Images are then brought into correct focus. Laser eye treatment for Myopia is very simple and effective. Example of a short sight prescription:

Right Eye

-2.50 -0.50 120

Left Eye

-2.50 -0.25 45
Please note: the dash or minus sign in the sphere (SPH)

Laser Eye Surgery for Astigmatism

Astigmatic eye example
Astigmatism is caused by an unevenly shaped eyeball (like a rugby ball) and can be effectively by laser eye treatment. About half of glasses wearers have this added problem.
When an astigmatic person looks at the spokes of a wheel, some spokes appear clearer than others. Because only parts of the image are correctly focused, distortion is caused at all distances. Astigmatism is shown on your glasses prescription in the box marked CYL and is measured by the strength of a cylindrical lens needed to achieve best vision.
AXIS shows the angle at which astigmatism lies across the eye. The laser is set to remove more tissue in the line of astigmatism. Laser eye correction treatment is given immediately after short/long sight treatment, without additional charge.  Example of an astigmatic prescription:

Right Eye

-3.50 -1.50 120

Left Eye

-4.00 +2.25 60
Please note: CYL can be measured as plus (+) or minus (-)

Laser Eye Surgery for Long Sight (Hyperopia)

Hyperopic eye example
If you are long-sighted, the focusing power of your eyes are too weak. You will be able to view objects more comfortably at a distance than close up (less than six feet).
If your glasses magnify print, you are long-sighted. In severe cases vision is not clear at any distance. Treatment is still considered experimental by many ophthalmic surgeons.  Optimax offers long sight laser eye treatment only to those who are alerted to the risks and have moderate expectations.  Example of a long sight prescription:

Right Eye

+2.00 -0.50 120

Left Eye

+2.50 -0.25 45
Please note: the plus (+) sign for the sphere (SPH)

Reading Glasses (Presbyopia)

Presbyopia example
Monovision laser eye treatment can restore youthful vision and let you once again enjoy life naturally without reading glasses.
Short-sighted people can remove their glasses for close up work. Long-sighted people will need reading glasses earlier in life.  As with all normal-sighted people, treated patients will still require reading glasses from the age of about 45.