Question: my prescription is right eye sph -4.25 cyl -2.50 axis 175 left eye sph -5.50 cyl -1.50 axis 177.5 i had chicken pox as a child and think i had a pox on one eye under the bottom eyelid am i suitable for treatment and what would the likely costs be. I will be visiting stockton on tees from 5th-28th august 2007. Would i be able to have my treatment at newcastle during these 2 weeks or isit too short notice?

Your prescription is suitable for LASIK treatment.  I don't believe that the pox scar would affect your suitability as long as it is not on the eye itself.  It should not be a problem to have treatment between 5th and 28th August.  Please call our Customer Services Department on 08705 14 33 14 to arrange an appointment.

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Created on 02 July 2007
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Asked by naomi riches
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