Questions asked after Cataract Eye Surgery

Why does it feel like there is something in my eye?

You may experience a slightly scratchy sensation when you blink which is absolutely normal. This is due to the microscopic incision made during the procedure on the surface of your eye. The feeling should disappear when the incision heals. Scratchiness could also be a symptom of dry eyes. Using artificial tears after your surgery usually helps to ease the symptoms.


The eye drops that were given to me after my surgery sting my eye. Is this normal?

It is normal for some eye drops to sting or to cause mild discomfort. You should continue using your drops as prescribed. However, if your discomfort gets worse or if you feel that your vision is decreasing you must contact Optimax.


I noticed a spot of blood on the white part of my eye after my surgery, should I be concerned?

The white part of the eye (the Sclera) is covered by a clear layer of tissue (Conjunctiva). If a tiny blood vessel breaks, the blood becomes trapped underneath the Conjunctiva and it's easy to see it because the tissue is clear. If the same thing happened on another part of your body like your arm, for example, you would have a blue or purple bruise because the skin is not transparent. This will gradually disappear and will not affect your sight.


On the way home following my surgery I saw large halos around all the lights. What is the reason for this?

The final outcome of RLE can take a few weeks and during the healing phase, you may experience symptons such as a "scratching sensation", blurry vision, halos and glare.


Since having surgery, my glare has improved, but I still notice some halos around lights at night. What is the reason for this?

This could be caused by a number of factors. Most commonly, glare at night is caused by the need for glasses (refractive error). Another reason may be a mild post-surgery corneal swelling, which is temporary.