Questions asked following Lens Implant Eye Surgery


When can I stop wearing the eye shield and pad?

You will need to wear the shield and pad until your aftercare consultation the day after surgery. You are advised to pull it back only to apply your eye drops and to re-apply it immediately afterwards. Thereafter, you are required to use the shield only when sleeping, for a period of five days.


The drops I was prescribed cause some build-up around my eye. How can I clean this area?

It is important to take extra care when bathing for the first week after surgery, to avoid getting any water into the eye. To clean the area around the eye you should use cotton wool and cooled boiled water and gently wipe away any build up, taking extra care not to touch the eye.

My pupil is still constricted. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal. The anaesthetic may cause the pupil to remain constricted for up to five days.


There has been a gradual clouding of my vision a week after I had the lens implanted. Will this clear up?

Sometimes the eye responds to the implantation by trying to "absorb" the lens. It is normal to have a slight immune response but your prescribed anti-inflammatory / steroid drops keep this under control. Should the clouding get worse, stronger steroids may be prescribed.


I see halos or glare around light in the evening. Is this normal?

This is completely normal following ICL surgery. People wearing glasses or contact lenses are also familiar with this phenomenon, which is caused by light reflecting off the rim of the lens. As pupils get larger in the dark, these reflections become more obvious. This reaction to glare should gradually decrease with time. However, this may remain for some time for some patients, especially those with large pupils.


It's been two days since I had my surgery and I am experiencing a mild discomfort around my eye lids, which I didn't feel yesterday. Is this normal?

All patients are given an anaesthetic during the procedure, which may take a couple of days to fully wear off. It is normal for your eye lids to feel a little sore. If you are experiencing more than a mild discomfort or pain in the eye itself contact your doctor at Optimax as soon as possible.