Optimax Leads in Symfony Implants

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August has been another exciting month at Optimax! In our forties spectacle dependence is not only confined to distance vision but also starts to affect our reading ability for close work and also the use of the computer.

We find it more and more difficult to read menus at our favourite restaurants and the price labels when we are shopping. One of the best ways to address this is with a refractive lens exchange procedure. This allows our ageing and inefficient lens to be replaced with a new artificial lens which allows good distance and near vision.

At Optimax we are proud to have been granted access to a new Extended Range of Vision Intraocular Lens (Symfony) which provides for high quality seemless vision from far to near, with no compromise in vision in low light situations and no troublesome night vision problems. We have implanted more than 50 of these lenses now.

This is more than anyone in the whole of Europe and our patients have been ecstatic. At present this lens is not widely available and we are amongst the first few providers able to offer it to our patients.