Brighten Up Your Summer with Laser eye surgery

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Four Reasons Why Laser Eye Surgery Can Help You Make The Most Of The Holiday Season


1. Travel Light

When you’re travelling, you can say goodbye to packing contact lens solutions, spare specs and other vision-related clutter.

2. Stay stylish with your favourite sunglasses

Travel in style with your choice of non-prescription sunglasses – the ones you REALLY want.

3. Stay comfortable when you fly

Contact lenses can dry out in the pressurized conditions of an aircraft cabin, causing discomfort. As for trying to retrieve specs from under a seat during a night flight – anyone who’s tried this knows it’s no fun.

4. Sea, Sand and No Specs

Diving in to a swimming pool or snorkelling with natural vision is an amazing feeling – especially for anyone who’s struggled with spectacles or lenses on a beach holiday. Discover underwater life or just savour the joy of correctly identifying the spot on the beach where you’ve left all your stuff. There’s nothing like it!