Ask a patient: Rachie’s laser eye surgery story

26 January 2021

Author: Kate Green

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Achieving clear, natural vision with laser eye surgery


Rachie is a businesswoman and mother, who runs an Instagram page and YouTube channel dedicated to all things fitness, lifestyle and business investment. Balancing a busy professional life with raising a young son, the hassles that came with glasses and contact lenses were just an added stress in her life.


We recently had a chat with Rachie a few months on from her surgery. We wanted to hear all about her reasons behind coming to Optimax for her LASEK laser eye surgery, and how she’s getting on now with perfect vision! Although Rachie had her consultations in our Brighton clinic, due to the type of specialised laser treatment she needed, she received her laser treatment in Optimax Southampton. This meant that she met two of our brilliant teams of patient advisors and optometrists, as well as the wonderful Dr Ayoubi who performed her treatment.


What made you want to get laser eye surgery?


My vision was causing me difficulties in day to day life as I needed to wear my glasses or contacts at all times to be able to go about my day to day life, including fitness, work and daily chores.


How strong was your prescription prior to surgery?


My eyes were a -4.75 in both eyes.


What was the Optimax experience like in the Brighton and Southampton clinics?


It was a very pleasant experience. Optimax has very nice staff members, particularly at the Brighton clinic, and everyone has been very helpful and informative throughout the process, from consultation, to surgery, to aftercare. I feel like I was given realistic expectations of what the surgery could achieve for me and these have been exceeded!


How was your recovery process?


Recovery was a little painful due to having LASEK (rather than LASIK) but a lot quicker than I was expecting. My discomfort only lasted a couple of days and I was shocked by just how quickly my vision improved.


How has life changed after treatment?


Laser eye surgery has given me better vision than my glasses ever did, and considering my strong prescription, I would say it has completely changed my life. Being able to wake up and see naturally, go swimming, and being able to play with my child without glasses flying off my face is honestly incredible. I feel so much better, and I've also noticed I have fewer headaches since having the surgery and being able to see clearly.


What made you choose Optimax?


I had consultations with 3 different laser eye surgery providers and found Optimax to be the most personable and helpful. My eyes were only borderline suitable for LASIK and Optimax were the only company to offer me LASEK as an alternative. I feel like I was always well informed about the risks and possible side effects. I really appreciate a company that is honest in their approach and genuine, rather than potentially giving unrealistic expectations.


businesswoman laser eye surgery


If you would like to book in for a free no-obligation consultation to hear more about how laser eye surgery can change your life, you can book in online here, or give us a call on 0800 093 1110 to hear more. We look forward to seeing you in your nearest clinic soon!

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