Dry Eye treatments now available at Optimax

07 July 2016

Author: James Seton

Dry eye treatments available at Optimax

Why suffer dry eyes any longer?


Optimax has recently expanded its range of treatments to include procedures to relieve eye conditions. We now offer treatment options for conditions such as dry eyes and blepharitis.


Dry eyes is a condition which affects up to a third of those aged 65 and above, although the condition can occur at any age.


It can be caused by contact lens use, exposure to a hot or windy climate as well as pre-existing eye conditions. Symptoms can include dryness, grittiness or soreness, along with light sensitivity and slightly blurred vision.


Medical Director Amir Hamid said, "We now offer a variety of effective methods to control and treat eye conditions, which are non-invasive and can provide rapid relief".


Patients choosing treatment for dry eyes or blepharitis at Optimax will receive a detailed assessment of their eye condition, and will have a course of treatment recommended to them. Follow-up appointments are included in the treatment price.

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