Ask a patient: Harriotte’s laser eye surgery story

04 February 2021

Author: Kate Green

Harriotte laser eye surgery

Pageant queen has laser eye surgery


A couple of months ago, we treated Harriotte, a model and beauty pageant queen, with laser eye surgery. Harriotte’s busy lifestyle and work commitments meant that glasses and contact lenses were just an added nuisance. She opted for LASEK surgery in order to feel more confident when competing in international competitions, as well as enjoying the day-to-day benefits that 20/20 vision brings.


We were eager to hear how Harriotte has been getting on in the months following her surgery at Optimax Manchester, so we sent over a few questions for her to answer about her experience so far.


What made you want to get laser eye surgery?


From the age of 13 I knew I wanted laser eye surgery. I had just started modelling and it really knocked my confidence not being able to see without glasses, and at that point I couldn’t manage contact lenses. I moved to lenses at around 15 and, whilst this gave me some freedom, it was still a restriction in my life. 


How strong was your prescription prior to surgery?


My prescription was -3 so seeing without glasses or lenses was a challenge. The final moment that pushed me to have a consultation with Optimax was when I was in Japan competing in a beauty pageant for a month, and I lost a lens on the first week. It was a huge struggle and it made me determined to take control of my eyesight.


What was the Optimax experience like in Manchester and Newcastle clinics?


I attended an initial consultation in Optimax Newcastle and then had my surgeon assessment online as Covid restrictions were in place. The surgeon was amazing – he explained every step of the process and what to expect, as well as the different types of laser eye surgery. I booked in for LASEK treatment in Manchester.


How was your recovery process?


LASEK was explained as being more invasive and painful than LASIK but I was surprised that just 4 days after treatment the discomfort went away, and within 2 weeks I could see clearer than with my glasses. After about a month my eyesight was better than I have ever known.


How has life changed after treatment?


I can’t even begin to explain the impact having laser eye surgery has had. The freedom of being able to get up and go without finding glasses or putting in lenses is incredible. It’s given me confidence and my eyes don’t feel irritated like they used to with the lenses. 


What made you choose Optimax?


Optimax was my first choice as my dad had already had laser eye surgery with them. Aged 54, 12 years after surgery, he still has 20/20 vision!


I strongly recommend Optimax for your first choice in laser eye surgery. The high levels of care surpassed my expectations and the Covid safety measures made me feel at ease during these difficult times.


We’re so pleased that Harriotte is loving her new vision, and that she is now enjoying all the ways (both small and large!) that it has made life easier.


If you’d like to book a consultation and begin your Optimax journey to clear vision, give us a call on 0800 093 1110, or book online here. We look forward to seeing you in your local clinic soon!

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