How much is laser eye surgery at Optimax?

15 July 2021

Author: Kate Green

how much is laser eye surgery

The cost of laser eye surgery

It’s all anyone ever wants to know. Before prospective patients ask if they’re suitable, or have any queries about the benefits versus risks of treatment, most people have one simple question: ‘how much is laser eye surgery?’ This is fair enough – we understand that it’s a huge factor for the majority of people, not only for deciding which laser eye surgery provider to visit, but for whether to opt for treatment at all.


We’re pleased to tell you that we have a transparent, simple pricing structure to help you make the decision.... we have one fixed price of £1,795 per eye.


Yes, that’s right! We don’t believe in the “prices start from £500” line of marketing, with a structure that charges patients with stronger prescriptions more money. This is because it doesn’t cost us as a business more money to treat a high prescription. Therefore, we transfer this over to what our patients pay, in order to keep our pricing as consistent and fair as possible.


Whether your prescription is -1.75 or -6.5, your laser eye surgery will cost the same at Optimax.


We also offer a range of payment plans to make treatment more affordable and accessible, including interest free credit over 12 months. Read more about our payment plans here.


Wave hello to Wavefront


At Optimax, all of our laser eye surgery treatments include Wavefront in the standard price. Wavefront technology obtains a unique map of each eye and, together with other tests, allows us to tailor your treatment accordingly. Wavefront actually provides a quality of vision after treatment can exceed that of your vision with glasses and contact lenses!


At other laser eye surgery providers, Wavefront technology (sometimes known as iDesign), is sold as an optional add-on element, costing patients yet more money. At Optimax, treatment with this first class technology is included in the single price of £1,795. If you’re going to do something as important as laser eye surgery, you might as well do it properly, which is why we believe all that patients should have Wavefront included as standard in their treatment.


Get in touch


If you’d like to hear more about laser eye surgery at Optimax and to find out whether you’re suitable, you can book your free consultation. All we ask is that you pay a small refundable deposit (£10 on a weekday or £30 for a weekend) which is refunded to you when you attend the appointment. You can also give us a call on 0800 093 1110, or drop us an email at if you have any questions.


We look forward to seeing you in your nearest Optimax clinic soon!


Prices correct at time of publication.

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