5 reasons laser eye surgery isn’t like that Final Destination scene

07 November 2019

Author: Kate Green

Olivia Final destination has laser eye surgery

The most infamous Final Destination scene


We see it all the time on laser eye discussion threads – people saying they could never consider vision correction treatment because of one thing. One film that’s traumatised them and left them scarred for life... it’s Final Destination 5. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know exactly which scene we’re talking about. If you haven’t had that privilege, or you’re not acquainted with the Final Destination franchise, allow us to familiarise you with it. Final Destination is a horror film franchise, following the journeys of people who have cheated Death and are now being picked off one by one, usually in unpredictable, random freak accidents. It's certainly made quite an impact on social media...


Final Destination laser eye surgery


Final Destination laser eye surgery



Final Destination laser eye surgery



Final Destination laser eye surgery


Final Destination laser eye surgery


The infamous laser eye surgery scene features a specs-wearing office worker named Olivia, who – like many of us – is looking to live life free from glasses and contacts. She books herself in for a LASIK procedure in a bid to improve her myopia (short-sightedness) which is when everything starts to go wrong for her.


Final Destination laser eye surgery


Now, let’s talk about why none of this could actually happen.


  1. Your head will never be strapped to the table

The first thing the surgeon does when Olivia gets onto the operating table is place her head into a vice and strap it in “snugly”. That’s not something we do at Optimax. We want our patients to feel comfortable and at ease, and a head vice is one thing which probably achieves exactly the opposite of what we’re aiming for. All we ask is that you keep still for the 10-20 seconds that the laser is applied to your eye – no head vices necessary!


  1. You’ll never be left alone in the treatment room

The surgeon pops out of the room to get some further notes from his assistant, leaving Olivia stuck in the chair, unable to move due to her head vice. At Optimax, we have at least three members of staff in the room with you, as well as the surgeon. This is for your comfort, emotional support and –above all – safety. If, for any reason, one of them needed to leave the treatment room before the procedure began, you can rest assured that you won’t be left alone. Our nurses provide a lot of support to patients, from counting down the seconds left on the laser machine, to holding your hand if needed!


  1. We don’t have trailing cables (or water coolers!) in the treatment room

This might sound a little boring, but we have risk assessments, procedures and protocols in place to ensure that accidents like a cup of water falling onto a socket can’t happen in the treatment room. As a side note, there are also no trailing cables around the operating chair!


  1. If your eye moves, the laser shuts off

Now, this is the biggie. This is what terrifies everyone who watches the Final Destination laser eye surgery scene, and puts them off future treatment. If your head or eye moves during the procedure while the laser is on your eye, the laser shuts itself off. This is because the laser we use has a tracker which locks onto your iris and follows the eye’s movement precisely, automatically pausing the laser if you move at all. This means that only the points on your cornea which need to be lasered are actually treated, and it’s accurate to within less than a tenth of a millimetre. Not only does this guarantee high precision, high tech treatment, but it means there’s absolutely no chance of your face getting burned by a laser (and they aren’t strong enough to do that anyway!).


  1. Your eye definitely won’t fall out after treatment

The end of the Final Destination laser eye surgery scene shows Olivia’s eyeball coming out of her eye and rolling across the road. Your eyeball is attached by muscles, tissues and the optic nerve. The only way it could simply fall out is if all of these were severed, which is something that certainly doesn’t happen during laser eye surgery. We only treat your cornea, the transparent layer at the front of your eye, and laser eye surgery is only a surface-level treatment.


If this memorable (albeit inaccurate) scene has been the thing putting you off from seeking further information on laser eye surgery, we hope this article has debunked some of the myths and cleared a few things up! It’s a simple, straight-forward procedure and is one of the most popular elective surgeries globally. Get in touch with us if you’d like further information on treatment, either by calling 0800 093 1110, emailing enquiry@optimax.co.uk, or by requesting an info pack – just fill out the form on this page

Laser eye surgery really is nothing like in Final Destination, we promise!

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