Optimax Brighton: Meet Zena and Louise

30 September 2021

Author: Kate Green

meet brighton

Meet the friendly team!


Making the choice to have vision correction surgery – whether that’s laser eye surgery, cataract treatment, implantable contact lenses or lens surgery – is a big decision. It’s something that our patients tell us they have often considered for years before working up the courage to come in for a consultation. We often hear from our patients that seeing the clinic and meeting Optimax team members makes them feel more comfortable. Knowing who is going to be there in the surgery room and at your aftercare appointments gives you a better idea of what to expect and we know that seeing a familiar face makes all the difference!


At Optimax, we are lucky enough to have over 100 team members spread around 20 clinics across the UK. Some of our lovely team have been with us for over 20 years while others are just beginning their journeys as Patient Advisors and Laser Treatment Assistants. We love shining a spotlight on our staff to introduce them to potential patients, and where better to start than with a couple of team members from Optimax Brighton!


Meet Zena (right) and Louise (left), pictured on Zena's wedding day:


zena and louise


Zena has been at Optimax for 16 years while Louise has been with us for 15 years – clocking up an impressive three decades of experience between them!


Now, let's get to know them better...


What’s your favourite part of the job?


Zena: I love treatment days because I enjoy the medical side of my role. No two days are the same and I find it so interesting even after 16 years. However, a patient’s first check-up after surgery is my absolute favourite day. Seeing them come back to the clinic to have their vision checked, asking how they got on overnight and then them being so over the moon with the result is the absolute best feeling – to be part of that journey is so rewarding.


Louise: I really enjoy being very hands on in the treatment room, assisting the surgeon and helping patients. I also enjoy being able to follow the same patient from consultation all the way through to the treatment day, then right up to discharge. It’s amazing to be with them for the complete process!



Who’s your most memorable patient and what was their vision correction journey?


Zena: My most memorable patient was actually my mum! She is the most nervous person going and always hated just having a simple eye test, but in 2010 I managed to get her to come and see our surgeon who completely put her mind at rest. She proceeded with treatment shortly after. During surgery I’m sure she held her breath the entire time, but she managed it and she has not looked back since. She still has 20:20 vision 11 years later! I love how it gave her a new lease of life and made her more confident. Fourteen friends and family of mine have since had a form of refractive surgery with Optimax.


Louise: I had a patient who had a prescription of -12 come in for consultation, and then they decided to proceed with ICL. This patient was so overwhelmed with the results and it made me very emotional. She could see her children first thing in the morning without having to reach for her glasses for the first time ever. She could also go swimming without worrying she wouldn't see one of them, and she was so happy when she bought her first non-prescription sunglasses. This lady will always stick with me!


What do you think patients love most about the Optimax Brighton team?


Zena: Brighton clinic is a very welcoming environment. My team are friendly and really informative because we love our jobs and I feel it really shows.


Louise: We are very friendly and have worked together for many years. I feel this comes across in how we deliver care so patients feel comfortable and relaxed.


Thank you to Zena and Louise for giving us a bit of insight into life in our Optimax Brighton clinic. The clinic has just been refurbished and now features a brand new lens theatre (in additional to our pre-existing laser theatre), ready for cataract, lens replacement and ICL surgeries. We’re proud of our Brighton clinic and the lovely team who run it! If you’d like to book in for treatment, please give us call on 0800 093 1110, or make an appointment online here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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