Optimax Peterborough: Meet Tina and her team

04 June 2019

Author: Kate Green

Optimax Peterborough clinic team

Optimax Peterborough

We know that booking in for laser eye or lens surgery can be quite a daunting process, and there’s no doubting that it’s a big decision. It’s completely normal to feel nervous about the procedure and the appointments that come with it, but something that lots of our patients say is that it’s the Optimax staff who help them feel more positive about the experience. So, what better way to prepare for your Optimax journey than to meet the team who will be giving you your new vision?


Laser eye surgery: Patient journey


We’re starting this blog series in Peterborough where we have a dedicated team of patient advisors and optometrists to guide you through the laser eye surgery process. When you come into the clinic for your consultation, you’ll probably be welcomed by Clinic Manager, Tina, and made to feel comfortable in the waiting area with a cup of coffee and a chat. Some people feel quite nervous on their arrival, but Tina is sure to set you at ease! You’ll then be taken by a Patient Advisor to have your eyes scanned in our topography room, the results of which are sent to an Optometrist to be looked at in depth. You will then speak with the Optometrist for around half an hour to 45 minutes and complete some more eye tests. This is all really important to determine which treatment is most suitable for you, and for the Optometrist to fully explain the reasons for your suggested procedure.


Following your consultation, you will know exactly what we are able to offer you, and you’ll go to meet your Patient Advisor again. They will answer any further questions and do their best to alleviate any worries you might have. They’ll talk you through the patient journey and ensure that you understand the next steps. This includes talking through finance options and fitting future appointments in around your schedule. You will leave the clinic on the day of your consultation with an information pack, aftercare booklet, finance quote, and a profile of the treating surgeon.


We know how important it is for you to know who is going to treat your eyes, so a week before your procedure date, you’re invited back in for a surgeon assessment. This is when you meet the operating surgeon and can ask them any questions you might have. It’s also a really important appointment as the surgeon will examine your eyes themselves and confirm that they are happy with the forecasted results. If the surgeon doesn’t believe that you will be satisfied with the results of the procedure, they may recommend another treatment.


The treatment day itself is perhaps the most straightforward part of the entire patient journey! You will be taken in for a medication talk to be told about the necessary medication and eye drops you’ll need to take following the procedure. After this, you will go through to the treatment room, and within 10-15 minutes, you’ll be out again! The laser will be on your eye for a maximum of one minute, so the rest of the time in theatre is for preparation purposes and to ensure that the correct laser settings are being applied. Following the treatment, you’ll speak with the Optometrist again and they’ll ensure that they are satisfied with your final check before you leave the clinic.


Depending on whether you received LASIK or LASEK treatment, your first aftercare appointment will either be after 1 day (LASIK) or 3-5 days (LASEK). You then will come back into the clinic after 1-2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months for your final check-up. Our Peterborough clinic team do their utmost to make each and every patient feel welcome and to give them the best individually-tailored care possible.


Meet some of our Peterborough staff


Tina, Clinic Manager


“I started with Optimax in 2008. I love my job because it’s so rewarding to see patients after treatment – the best days are the first aftercare appointment following treatment, as patients are so happy with their brand new vision!

I love to look after the patients and ensure that they are happy with their whole journey. We have a welcoming reception and we do our best to ease the patients’ nerves on treatment day when they might feel particularly anxious.”


Siobhan, Patient Advisor


“I got into working for Optimax after I saw how much it changed my father’s life when he got laser treatment done. I’ve been here for 4 and a half years and couldn’t be happier working here with such a wonderful team of people!

I enjoy my job because you get to meet new people every day and are with them through such an important and wonderful journey, seeing how treatment changes their lives for the better. The most rewarding part is always the feedback from the patient, knowing that we make them feel valued and giving them a positive, memorable experience.”


Sabrina, Optometrist


“I started at Optimax Peterborough in January and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far – particularly because of the friendly team here!

Another reason I love my role here is because of the patients. After treatment, they come in with such a big smile on their face; it makes you feel like what you're doing is worthwhile. I love hearing their stories about the small things in their life that have been impacted by their treatment, for example being able to read the shampoo bottle in the shower, or see the time on the alarm clock when they wake up in the morning. It really is a rewarding job.”

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