Laser Eye Surgery - Independent Clinic Comparisons

Companies often like to say they are "the best". Some Laser Eye Surgery providers even claim 99-100% success rates. It is important to remember:

  • All leading Laser Eye Surgery clinics produce very good results.
  • Claims of 99-100% success rates often only apply to very strict data criteria e.g. results from younger patients or small prescriptions. This can rule out a large number of patients.

Independent and impartial government and consumer watchdog bodies have compared the high street Laser Eye Surgery providers. Find out how they are performing by checking the reports below.

Care Quality Commission 2009/10 Reports

All Laser Eye Surgery clinics need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission and comply with the Care Standards Act 2000 and associated regulations. The Care Quality Commission produces independent reports and quality ratings for all registered healthcare services against a set of National Minimum Standards.

Compare the latest inspection results for the top 3 Laser Eye Surgery clinics in the UK:

ClinicNo. Clinics InspectedNo. Areas InspectedStandards Met or Almost Met
Optimax 7 6 100%
Optical Express 4 35 97%

Which? - Report Ratings for Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

Expert Which? researchers rated Laser Eye Surgery consultations standards at a range of providers. This is how the consultations were rated, read research notes here.

It is important to remember:

  • All leading Laser Eye Surgery providers produce very good results.
  • Although no serious complications have arisen from Laser Eye Surgery over 21 years, no surgical procedure is entirely risk-free.
  • Claims of 99-100% success rates often only apply to strict data criteria, e.g. results from younger patients or those with small prescriptions. This can be misleading as it can rule out a large number of patients, which may lead to unrealistic expectations of surgery.
  • Companies often like to say they are the "best". No Laser Eye Surgery provider can make this statement factually, however, as they do not have access to the private medical data needed to make an objective and accurate comparison.
  • The Royal College of Ophthalmologists recommends considering how many treatments your surgeon has performed, particularly for patients with a similar prescription to you.
  • You will receive a factual, real-time results report during your consultation at Optimax, drawn from patients with a similar age and prescription to you.This will give you an idea of the results that people who are similar to you achieved at Optimax.
  • All our doctors are highly qualified and experienced eye surgeons, who, after many years have treated thousands of patients.

Remember to consider:

  • Your individual optical characteristics e.g. pupil size. This can affect which Laser Eye Surgery treatment/procedureis right for you. This can be confirmed on your consultation.
  • Your expectations for vision and a realistic improvement for you. Consider risks vs. benefits.

FAQs About Laser Eye Surgery Clinics

Q. Is there any difference in the Comprehensive Aftercare between companies?

There can be quite significant differences and clauses that can void aftercare agreements. You should request and examine the terms and conditions from each provider you are considering.

Optimax Aftercare has the following advantages:

  • All necessary aftercare, free, until you are discharged.
  • Surgeon's emergency contact number (for the night following your treatment).
  • Any necessary follow-up treatment provided, free, to achieve your final result.

Q. Are your surgeons registered? As another provider has suggested that they may not be, or may not have passed the specialist examinations.

All Laser Eye surgeons in the UK must be registered with the GMC, (General Medical Council) and be fully trained ophthalmologists with additional qualifications and training in Laser Eye Surgery, in order to be able to practice.

All Eye Surgeons at Optimax:

  • GMC registered.
  • Qualified from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
  • Fellows or Members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
  • Highly experienced.
  • Optimax has performed over [^treatmentCount] treatments since 1992.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists have recently developed a certificate of competence; an assessment which the majority of our doctors have already sat.

View our surgeons and check their qualifications.

Q. You claim to have done over [^treatmentCount] treatments, whereas another company claim 700,000 and are chosen by more people?

Important to Consider:

  • Unlike other providers, we only claim the treatments that are performed in our clinics. [^treatmentCount] treatments have been performed by Optimax, since 1992.
  • Many eye surgeons now working independently or with other laser companies in the UK, trained at Optimax when they were Fellows (doctors in training).
  • You should consider the number of treatments your surgeon has performed.

Q. I feel I have been pressured into having treatment by another clinic.

  • You will never be pressured, or 'sold to' at Optimax.
  • The choice is yours and we leave it to you to book your treatment.
  • Choosing a clinic to perform your treatment is important; you should consider seeing more than one provider and go wherever you feel most comfortable.