Optimax Clinical Excellence

Care Quality Commission

Optimax is registered with the Care Quality Commission. The vision correction treatments we offer and the equipment we use conform to the high standards demanded by their code of practice.

Specialist Doctors

Our team of specialist eye surgeons and ophthalmic doctors are qualified medical practitioners who have specialised in Ophthalmology, with many continuing to work in other fields of eye surgery. The medical team currently includes 16 specialist ophthalmic doctors/eye surgeons and 60 ophthalmic opticians.


Optimax is committed to clinical excellence and it is our mission to stay at the forefront of corrective eye surgery whilst maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Our Laser Eye Treatment Results

The best possible results under the safest conditions is the ultimate goal of specialist laser eye surgery at Optimax. 98% of our patients achieve unaided driving standard after their laser eye treatment.

Intralase® Femtosecond Laser

The new state of the "All-Laser" Femtosecond Laser is the gold standard for laser eye surgery, giving Optimax patients the opportunity of having the best available treatment in the world.
Optimax leads with Intralase® laser technology; with [^intralaseLasers] lasers we were the first company to offer this technology nationwide. The major benefit is that all suitable prescriptions can be treated with bladeless technology, eliminating potential complications and distortions associated with the cutting of the flap with a blade. In addition, more patients achieve 20:20 vision or better and fewer patients lose sharpness of vision. Safety is improved which gives increased confidence to both the doctor and patient, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. Furthermore both mechanical breakdown and human error are also reduced.
The large investment needed to bring this technology to the UK on such a wide scale is proof of Optimax's continued commitment to provide the best possible treatment at a price all can afford.