Schwind Laser Technology at Optimax

Since 1992, Optimax has insisted on introducing new laser technology in order to provide the best possible results.

We were the first UK clinic to introduce bladeless IntraLase® technology, and our quest for perfection continues with our investment in the Schwind® Laser System.

This award-winning German company has been developing eye surgery technology for more than 50 years, and works in conjunction with eye surgeons to refine techniques and set new standards in vision correction.

Schwind Logo 3 Schwind Amaris 750S

Advanced Technique

Schwind Amaris laser technology offers a ground-breaking 2 speed procedure, reducing intensity towards the end of the treatment to improve control and precision. It also features an advanced new eye tracking system.

New Procedures - Exclusive to Optimax

The introduction of Schwind technology means not only exceptional results, but allows Optimax to offer exclusive new procedures. See below to discover how Schwind technology at Optimax can help even more people to achieve freedom from glasses and lenses.

TESA (TransEpithelial Surface Ablation)

This is a revolutionary new procedure which can help those considering LASEK treatment, who may be at risk from impact to the eye in active sports or occupations. TESA can help those working in professions with strict eyesight regulations (eg, Police, Fire Brigade) and can be recommended in cases of thin corneas or dry eyes.

PresbyMAX: A new treatment for Presbyopia

While some treatments for presbyopia involve a compromise between near and distance vision, PresbyMAX aims to provide both near and distance vision in both eyes.

PresbyMAX works on a similar principle to multifocal lenses, by reshaping the eye’s surface into precise focal points. This provides good vision at all distances, whether the object is near, far, or in between. The technique can also treat visual defects during the procedure.

After treatment, patients could read a newspaper within a few hours – without the aid of glasses



Presbymax Diagram

Investing in World Class Technology

Optimax maintains standards of excellence by investing in world class technology. This includes:

  • IntraLase lasers, for blade-free, safer LASIK surgery
  • Wavefront software to provide good night-time vision
  • Iris recognition and eye movement tracking for greater accuracy


IntraLase® Femtosecond Laser

The new state of the art "all-laser" IntraLase Femtosecond Laser is the gold standard for LASIK eye surgery, giving Optimax patients the opportunity of having the best treatment available anywhere in the world.

Optimax were the first company to offer IntraLase Laser technology nationwide.  IntraLase are the leaders in Femtosecond technology and are ahead of other manufacturers of similar equipment. They currently provide over 90% of Femtosecond lasers the world.


Wavefront technology provides treatment tailored to the individual characteristics of your eye. This gives better results than standard treatment, and provides better night-time vision. Optimax uses Nidek OPD (Optical Path Difference), a highly sophisticated Wavefront diagnostic system which measures waves of light as they pass through the eye. This information is used to programme the laser to precisely correct the corneal surface.

Wavefront allows more patients to achieve 20:20 vision.

High Speed Iris Tracking

Optimax uses a rapid eye tracker which follows the eye’s movement during Laser Eye Surgery. The laser records the image of iris 200 times per second.This ensures that the laser is positioned accurately on the eye, which is important for achieving the best results.

Excimer Lasers

Excimer lasers have been in development since 1983 and all modern lasers give very good results. The laser used is the same for both LASIK and LASEK treatments and final results are similar for both procedures at all levels of treatment.

NIDEK EC5000 Laser

Nidek Nidek Quest