Frequently Asked Questions

Astigmatism Questions


Q. Can eye surgery be carried out and successful if the eyes have astigmatism?

A. Both the laser and lens surgery will correct astigmatism. For further information or to book a consultation, please call Customer Services on 0800 093 1110.


Q. I have astigmatism in both eyes and when I had a recent eye test, even though the strength was no different my astigmatism had got worse. Does this mean after eye surgery my sight may get worse again over time?

A. Natural regression can happen following treatment however we will need you to wait until your prescription is stable before offering you treatment as if we treat you whilst it is changing it will carry on changing after treatment which then wouldn't of been worth your while. We allow for a 0.25 change a year so if it has only changed by this much you are ok to come in for a consultation. If it has changed by more than this you will need to wait.


Q. They say that even after Lasik surgery you may need glasses for night driving Does that mean that when it goes dark you cant see anything clearly? Or will you still be able to see sharply as the average sighted person can see in the dark?

A. This means you may still get halo and glare from artificial lighting. Glasses will help with this however it is only a small number of people that would require to do this following treatment. We will be able to advise you further at a consultation once we have assessed your eyes.


Q. What is the highest prescription that you can treat?

A. Through laser eye surgery, the maximum we can consider for a short sighted prescription is -12.00 and for a long sighted prescription, it is +6.00. Astigmatism through laser eye surgery is up to around -/+5.00. Through Intra-Ocular Lens surgery, the maximum we can consider for a short sighted prescription is -23.00 and for a long sighted prescription, it is +11. Astigmatism through IOL surgery is -/+8.00.


Q. I have "rugby ball" shaped corneas - I know the only treatment due to my bad eye sight is an implant lense, is it possible ? Will it be possible to get 20-20 vision? 

A. It is all possible but as with any surgery it depends on eye condition and the prescription strength.  To be able to discuss in more detail I would need to know your full prescription and confirmation of your age.


Q. I am a 50 year old male, what would be I best suited for to treat my eyes?
Right eye sphere +6.50 cyl1.25- axis2o near 1.25 add left eye 6.75+ cyl -1.25 axis1.5 o near i.75 add.

A. Thank you for the information.  The maximum prescription we will consider for laser eye surgery is +6.00 and with very good condition for surgery.  As such your prescription is too high so we would not recommend this surgery option and instead, due to age, we would recommend the Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE).  The RLE surgery is identical in process to cataract surgery so we will replace the natural lens inside the eye for a new artificial lens.  There are also different lens choices so we can offer prescription only correction using monofocal lens but also the option of a multifocal lens to treat the ADD measurement and remove the need for reading glasses as well.