Frequently Asked Questions

Young Age - Laser Eye Surgery for under 21s Questions


Q. What is the minimum age for laser eye surgery?

A. The minimum age for treatment is 18 and depending on your prescription and treatment may even be older. Our eyes will change all the time as we grow and any permanent correction will only work as long as the eyes no longer change.


Q. My grandson is 14 and he wears strong glasses for astigmatism, how old does he need to be for surgery?

A. The minimum age we will consider for laser eye surgery is 18, provided you are short sighted and the prescription is stable.  Once he turns 18, please contact us with his 2-3 sight test results, so we can confirm.


Q. I am 19, will I be okay to have laser eye surgery?

A. Suitability aside, younger eyes carry higher risk of future prescription change, as they may still be developing.  At 19, you are old enough to be considered for laser eye surgery, and if your eye condition is suitable to have the procedure done, we will need to see a history of your prescription; the last 2-3 sight tests ideally.


Q. Is there an age restriction on laser eye surgery?

A. For laser eye surgery, the minimum age is 18 and the maximum is 70. For Implantable Contact Lens surgery, the minimum age is 21 and the maximum is around 40-45. For Refractive Lens Exchange surgery, the minimum is 35 with no upper limit.


Q. I have high myopia -7, and I'm 18. Can I have LASIK or should I get LASIK when I'm a little bit older? I also have floaters - will I be okay?

A. The measurement is within range for surgery as we can consider treatment up to -12.00.  However, at 18 and with such a high prescription we have to consider your current stability.  In order to help us initially assess if you are a potential candidate now, or whether it is best to wait, we would ask you to provide us with the results from your last 3 sight tests. Floaters will prevent surgery but please note that surgery will have no effect on the floaters.


Q.  I know you can qualify for laser eye surgery if you are 18 and have a prescription over 3 years. I have been using my pair of glasses for about 3 years. Can this qualify me for surgery?

A. You should really get an up to date prescription done and we can then see how stable your prescription really is. Also we would need to see if you are within range of laser eye surgery.