Frequently Asked Questions

Aftercare Questions


Q. What does Lifetime aftercare actually mean?

A. Our Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee provides patients with one free laser retreatment for distance only correction however this was only introduced in 2010 and is not given retrospectively. For anyone treated prior to 2010 a laser retreatment for distance only correction is offered at a reduced price of £395 per eye.


Q. I have my 1 week check up after LASEK surgery. Do they use dilation drops during the check up? 

A. No, we will not use dilation drops in any of your aftercare appointments.  If the circumstance ever occurred where we needed to use them, you will be notified and a separate appointment will be set up, so you can plan your travel accordingly.


Q. I had Ultra Lasik Elite Laser Treatment with Ultralase in April 2010, recently I have noticed a general deterioration in my eye sight. I understand that Ultralase was acquired by your company in 2013. Did the Lifetime Care Guarantee that I had with Ultralase transfer with the acquisition? If not can you offer any suggestions?

A. Unfortunately, the lifetime aftercare guarantee you had with Ultralase is null and void since the company went into administration. There is an initial £50 charge in order for you to arrange an appointment with us to then have your eyes assessed further to see if re-treatment is a possibility. Any remedial re-treatment will be free of charge. For more information on this please call a member of the Customer Care Team on 0800 093 1110.


Q. I had corrective eye surgery at Optimax over 20 years ago. I am starting to notice that I am finding it harder to read small close up print, I assume this is an age thing as I will be 52 in Sept. I have enjoyed the last 20 or so years without glasses. Is there any further treatment I can have or do I need to start wearing glasses?

A. If your original treatment was performed by ourselves, we can look at offering you treatment to correct this however we will need to assess you to find out if you are suitable.


Q. I had eye laser surgery through Ultralase in 2000 and 2009. I need to have the treatment repeated as I now need glasses again for driving. Please would you let me know how I can get this treatment as Ultralase were taken over by Optimax?

A. Please call Ultralase Eye Clinics LTD on 0808 144 2020 with a copy of your most recent prescription to hand. The advisor will then check if it is within range for further treatment and advise you further.


Q.  If I've already had laser treatment, can I have it again now my eyesight has deteriorated again?

A. This is possible however we will need to assess your suitability at an appointment.


Q. Are you eyes irritant due to the contact lenses after LASEK surgery. Will they be better once removed?

A. Thanks for your enquiry.  Yes , you are right, the bandage contact lenses sometimes cause irritation.  This is normal, and will be fine once they have been removed. If you have any further concerns please contact a member of the Customer Care Team on 0800 093 1110.


Q. Can I have my aftercare appointments at a local opticians instead of going to the clinic?

A. You can go to a local optician for the aftercare appointments as long as you pass over the information from the tests to us (speak to the clinic directly for details).  Please note that we will not cover any costs involved in doing this.


Q. How long should I wear the plastic goggles at night for?

A. You only need to wear the goggles to bed for the first week after surgery.


Q. I know the timeframes for being able to wear eye makeup after surgery but just wondered if there are any guidelines for being able to have my eyelashes tinted/permed?

A. They are about the same and you should avoid tinting your eyelashes for at least 2 weeks post surgery so you should be ok now to have them done.


Q. I wear glasses that have to have prisms in them as without prisms I see double, although I do not see double when not wearing any glasses. Would this stop me having laser treatment?

A. Laser eye surgery offers refraction correction, similar to what is achieved with glasses.  If by correcting the refractive error you start seeing double, there is a very high possibility that laser eye surgery will do the same, which means you will end up having to wear prism lenses permanently.  If you cannot tolerate corrected vision without prisms, refractive surgery is not a suitable option.


Q. How long does it take to recover from Laser Eye Surgery?

A. After a check-up, most LASIK patients can return to work the following day and resume normal activities. LASEK patients should allow from five days to a week for recovery.


Q. Can I watch TV after Laser Eye Surgery?

A. In the immediate period after treatment, you should keep lighting low and avoid anything requiring visual concentration, including TV, reading and computer use.


Q. Do you need reading glasses after Laser Eye Surgery?

A. Laser eye surgery is a long-term treatment for short sight, however this does not prevent age-related changes to the eye, which usually occur from age 40 onwards. Reading glasses will still be required in later life.


Q. How long do I have to wear sunglasses after Laser Eye Surgery?

A. It’s advisable to wear sunglasses outdoors for the first few weeks after treatment. This will help protect your eyes from dust and manage temporary light sensitivity.


Q. When can you take a shower after Lasik Surgery?

A. You should avoid water splashing in to the eyes for 7 days after treatment. When showering you should stand with your back to the shower, taking a step further forward than usual and ensuring any liquids are rinsed away from face and eyes.