Frequently Asked Questions

Laser and Lens Surgery Costs Questions


Q. I've seen in FAQ section you give a 20% discount to NHS and police staff. Do you give any discount to civil servants at all please? 

A. I am very sorry but we no longer off the NHS, Police or civil servant discounts. All prices and offers are subject to change.


Q. I am short and long sighted in both eyes wearing glasses for 40 years, can you give me an approx. cost for treatment?

A. The price for treatment depends on which one you are suitable for. It goes from £1695 to £2995 per eye.


Q. How much is laser eye surgery?

A. Our laser treatment is charged at a set price of £1695 per eye.


Q. How much does it cost to have cataract surgery?

A. The cost for our cataract treatment goes from £2495 to £2995 per eye depending on the type of lens you require.


Q.  I'd like to know if I can pay the full amount without finance?

A. Yes you can pay for treatment in full, you don't have to take out finance.


Q. Are you able to put down a larger deposit (for example £2K for laser treatment on both eyes) and pay the remaining balance via finance? Also can you pay off your balance at any time during the finance agreement?

A. You can put down a larger deposit to set up the payment plan. You can also pay it off at any time.


Q. I have been found suitable for laser eye treatment. I have only one option for the treatment which is Credit, however my concern is that if you do credit check on my file it will not go through as I am in the process of building my credit from bad to good. Also it is going to leave footprints on my file which is also a damage to my file. Is there any other solution for me?

A. I am very sorry but to apply for credit our finance company need to perform a credit check. If you don't pass this we can look at offering you in-house credit however you have to try applying for our usual payment plans first which involves the credit check. I am very sorry but there is no way around this.


Q. I was wondering what the cost is for multifocal lens surgery?

A. The price for our multifocal lens replacement treatment is £2995 per eye. We also offer up to 24 months interest free credit with this treatment.


Q. What sort of deposit do you take for the finance? And what sort of options of finance are available please?

A. We require a minimum of 10% of the total cost as a deposit for our payment plans. We offer 6, 10 and 12 months interest free and then 18, 24, 36 and 48 months at 11.5% interest.


Q. Is it possible to use my partners debit card when setting up a payment plan for laser eye surgery?

A.  You would not be able to use your partners card if you are setting the finance up under your name as these details will need to match. However your partner can set the finance up under their name using their debit card details. You can have somebody else pay for the deposit that allows you to set the finance up though.


Q. What is the average cost per eye for distance correction only? What is the cost per eye for distance and close work correction?

A. The cost per eye for laser treatment is £1695 per eye. The cost per eye for lens replacement treatment goes from £2495 (monofocal) to £2995 (multifocal) per eye. With laser treatment we can either treat both eyes for distance which will leave you with reading only glasses or we can treat one eye for distance and one eye for reading leaving you glasses free. Both are £1695 per eye.


Q. I can't seem to find the cost of PresbyMax treatment.

A. The Presbymax treatment is £1695 per eye. This is a set price.