Frequently Asked Questions

Longsight Suitability Questions


Q. Can I have Laser surgery for long sightedness?

A. We treat long sighted prescription with laser from the age of 35. We will need to assess your suitability at a consultation.


Q. Can you tell me the range of long-sightedness that can be corrected with laser eye surgery?

A. We treat long sighted prescriptions with laser treatment from age 35-70 and the prescription range is from +1.00 to +6. Our Nidek laser will only treat up to a +5 but our Schwind laser will treat up to a +6 so it will depend on which clinic you attend as to what the maximum prescription is.


Q. What is the highest prescription that you can treat?

A. Through laser eye surgery, the maximum we can consider for a short sighted prescription is -12.00 and for a long sighted prescription, it is +6.00. Astigmatism through laser eye surgery is up to around -/+5.00. Through Intra-Ocular Lens surgery, the maximum we can consider for a short sighted prescription is -23.00 and for a long sighted prescription, it is +11. Astigmatism through IOL surgery is -/+8.00.


Q. I'm 28 years old and have a prescription of +6.50. I had a consultation with Optical Express for Phakic IOL but was told my pupil size was too big for this surgery. I was wondering if you had any other alternatives or may be able to offer a second opinion?

A. Unfortunately we can't offer you any treatment currently as we can only treat + prescriptions from the age of 30. This is because until then you won't get a good long term result from the treatment. Once you are 30 we can look to see if we find you suitable for the ICL treatment however this would be the only treatment we could offer you.


Q. I am long-sighted and have a bad astigmatism in my right eye +7. Will corrective surgery give me much better vision?

A. The aim of treatment is to provide you the vision your glasses give you or better. We would need to assess you at a consultation to find out what you would gain from surgery. With this prescription we could only offer you lens treatment and not laser treatment.


Q. I am long-sighted, my contact lense prescription is stronger than my glasses prescription. Which do you work from?

A. We would use your glasses prescription as this is an accurate measurement. Contact lenses are usually more of an average correction and are seldom the same strength as glasses. Please bring any glasses prescriptions with you to a consultation if possible.


Q. My eyesight is great for long distance, but poor on things that are close to me. Will laser eye treatment help me?

A. Laser treatment is appropriate for both short and long sight. This is dependant on the strength and stability of your prescription. For long-sight we treat up to a +4.00. Do you know what your prescription is? Suitability is also dependant on the general health of your eyes in regards to the thickness of your cornea and the width of your pupils which can only be assessed during consultation.


Q. I am long-sighted with a squint in one eye, I wear contact lenses to correct this. Am I suitable?

A. We would need to know what your prescription details are first to assess your suitability and your opticians will be able to send this through the post to you. If you have a squint and this is corrected by glasses or lenses you would be able to come in for your free consultation.


Q. I'm 18 in 3 months and my prescription is +8.00 and +7.5, would I be suitable for implantable contact lenses?

A. We only treat patients over the age of 20 years old. Your prescription also needs to be stable for 2 or 3 years.


Q. Can I go to one of your clinics and get the treatment done within a 2 weeks? Will my eyesight be fine within a week?

A. You can contact our Customer Services Department on 0800 093 1110 to check the availability at the clinic of your choice.  If you are wearing hard or gas permeable lenses then you will not be able to have treatment in 2 weeks time as these lenses have to be removed for 3 weeks prior to your appointment.