Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Consideration Questions


Q. How soon after laser eye surgery can any eye makeup be worn please?

A. You cannot wear eye makeup for 2 weeks after surgery or 4 weeks for waterproof mascara, if you wear this.  This is to avoid any infection post surgery.


Q. How long shouldn't I wear contact lenses for before the procedure?

A. For laser eye surgery, it depends on the type of lenses you wear and the guidance for both consultation and surgery is:
If you wear contact lenses, we’ll need you to not wear them for the following time:

  • soft or daily lenses – 1 day
  • soft toric lenses (for astigmatism) or extended wear (sleep in) lenses – 1 week
  • hard/gas permeable lenses – 3 weeks


Q. Why is there a chance of needing reading glasses after having surgery to correct short sightedness if there was no need to have reading glasses before?

A. This is only a factor over the age of 40/45. The refraction error for short or long sight (myopia or hyperopia respectively) is due to the length of the eye. Myopic patients have longer eyes, so the cornea is steeper. This refracts the light short of the retina and affects your distance. Hyperopic patients have shorter eyes, so the cornea is flatter. This does not have a strong refraction, so the light is refracted past the retina and affects your near vision.
As we get older, a condition known as presbyopia will bring on the need for reading glasses. Presbyopia is considered lens deterioration, where the lens inside your eyes becomes rigid. As this happens, the lens loses the flexibility (known as accommodation) and the ability to magnify objects that are close up. The result is that we require reading glasses to see near objects.
If you are short sighted, the natural effect of this creates a magnification that can in fact, overcome the need for reading glasses in the early stages of presbyopia. As presbyopia develops, we start with +1.00 readers and this slowly increases to around +2.50 / +3.00 between 40 and 65 years of age. If we are a -2.00 prescription naturally due to the myopia, we have a natural magnification of +2.00. This means that we can see without reading glasses up to around +2.00. Patients in this circumstance find that they need glasses on to see distance and will simply take them off to see close up. However, presbyopia is progressive and in this scenario, there will come a point where the need for readers is stronger than the myopic effect can correct. This leads to the need for varifocals, or two sets of glasses.
In this same scenario, if we perform laser eye surgery and remove the need for your distance glasses, we remove the natural magnification your prescription gives you and therefore, leave you with the need for reading glasses afterwards. The thing to note is that we have not caused the need for reading glasses; this need was always there due to the presbyopia.
We will discuss all of this with you during your free consultation and assess what options are available to you to offer you the best result, whether it is though laser eye surgery or the non-laser alternative, refractive lens exchange.


Q. I had lasek eye surgery on Friday and wanted to know if I could drink alcohol from this point on?

A. Yes, you can drink alcohol from this point on.  Please drink responsibly and take care of your eyes while you are out, avoiding (where possible) getting any foreign objects in the eyes.  It would be worth taking some Refresh hydration drops with you.


Q. Actually my baby is 12moths old and totally breast feeding I want to ask during breast feed laser eye treatment is possible ...any side effect. 2-I have cylindrical angle or axes treatment possible and how many charges altogether 3- nobody lived with me and I have 2kids many time required for operation.


  1. Laser eye surgery is not possible while you are breastfeeding and need to wait a minimum 3 months after you have stopped feeding, before you can have a consultation. 
  2. This would indicate astigmatism, which is possible to correct.  With laser eye surgery, provided the measurements are within the correctable range, and the eye condition is suitable.  We will know more at consultation.  The cost for surgery depends on the treatment you are suitable for, which we will be able to confirm at consultation.  Details of standard prices are available on our website.
  3. Recovery depends on the type of surgery you have.  LASIK has the quickest recovery at 24 hours while LASEK is slower at 3-5 days.


Q.  I travel frequently. How long after laser eye surgery would I be able to fly long haul

A. There is no hard or fast rule to this and there is actually no problem with flying soon after treatment but it depends on your own comfort. Flying can make the eyes dry which when you already have dry eyes post surgery will make them even more uncomfortable, but that is really the only issue.
However, part of post surgery care is for you to attend the first two appointments with us. These are either the next day (LASIK) or 3 days later (LASEK). The next appointment is then 10 days after this. We would ask you to please attend these two appointments before you fly. There is also a very small risk of infection or inflammation (around 3%) post surgery which if develops needs to be treated quickly to avoid any damage. If the healing goes well then there is really no problem in flying soon after surgery (just take care to avoid getting foreign objects in your eyes) as long as you can attend the appointments. Should either complication develop then you will not be able to fly until the condition is cleared which can sometimes take longer than two weeks.
Therefore the minimum time we advise is 2 weeks post surgery (3 for LASEK) provided everything is ok post surgery. You need to be aware of the small risk of complication post surgery that could cause a delay in flying. To be on the safe side (if you are not happy with this) is to wait 4 weeks to fly."


Q. I am terrified of the op, can I take a sedative or such like beforehand? my surgery is in 2 days?

A. You can take Valium but you would need to get that from your gp. Please contact your treating clinic if you need any further assistance before your surgery.


Q. I am taking anti-depressants for post natal depression. Would I still be able to have laser eye treatment?

A. We do not recommend that people who are taking anti-depressant medication proceed with treatment.  You can have treatment once you've been off the medication for 6months.  In addition, new mothers can only have treatment 3 months after they have stopped breast feeding due to hormonal changes.


Q. I am long & short sighted and have dry eye which causes me lots of problems, all other specialists seem to say this will become worse with surgery, is there a greater chance of something going wrong and could I become blind in the worst scenario

A. If you are having problems with dry eyes now then they will become severe after treatment.  Your vision can become impaired in severe cases.