Frequently Asked Questions

Short Sight Suitability Questions


Q. I have short sight and my reading (close) sight is fading due to age. I am 54. Can any of your treatments deal with both these problems as I do not want to get my eyes treated for short sight and then still have to wear reading glasses as I am a teacher and therefore need both.

A. You can have treatment for your short sight and have one eye under corrected to help you with reading; this is call monovision, however, this can take some time to get used to. The other alternative is CK treatment to eliminate the reading glasses after laser treatment.  CK is a treatment that uses radio waves to alter the shape of the cornea.  This treatment is not permanent. It is best to discuss the options available to you with a doctor.  The doctor can simulate what your vision would be like if you have monovision and to see if you will be able to cope with it.


Q.  I have quite a high prescription and Myopia. What would be the best procedure for my surgery?

A. We can treat high myopic prescriptions with laser. To found out which treatment you are suitable for we would need to see you for a consultation.


Q. What is the treatable range for correcting short sightedness with a laser?

A. We will treat from -0.75 to -10.00 with our lasers.


Q.  I need glasses for distance, have done since childhood. My eyes are now changing due to age, 49, I also need reading glasses but did not take to varilux lenses. Is it possible to have short sighted treated now, not bothered about wearing reading glasses.

A. Yes, it is possible to correct your short sighted prescription and remove the need for your distance glasses and varifocal lenses, leaving you with the need for reading glasses only.  This is subject to suitability, but we can assess this at a free consultation.


Q. Can the treatment be done if one needs glasses for reading and distance?

A. Yes, we do have treatment options, which specifically correct the need for distance and reading glasses.  Suitability and surgery choice depend on your eye condition and also the corrective outcome you wish to achieve.  We also consider lifestyle, as this does play an important role.  Using laser eye surgery, the suggested treatment options are Monovision and PresbyMAX.  We also offer a non-laser alternative called a Refractive Lens Exchange.  To help confirm us confirm which option may be better to consider, we ask for confirmation of your full measurements from your latest glasses prescription and your date of birth.


Q. Wondered if I could still have eye surgery to correct extreme short sightedness although I have possible glaucoma?

A. It is possible for laser eye surgery to correct short sight, provided the prescription is in range and the condition of the eye is suitable and able to tolerate the correction.  However, glaucoma is a contra-indication to surgery and we would not consider surgery if you have possible glaucoma and are under consultant.


Q. I wear glasses and have been diagnosed as long and short sighted. Can laser surgery sort both conditions for me? I am 55 years of age.

A. It will depend on the overall prescription and correction necessary, but there are laser-eye-surgery options that are able to correct both distance and reading, called Monovision or PresbyMAX. If laser eye surgery is not an effective solution, the alternative is Intra-Ocular Lens surgery using the replacement lens (RLE - Refractive Lens Exchange).


Q.  I have dry eyes and I'm short sighted, can I have eye surgery?

A. Dry eye is not a strict contraindication but it does need to be assessed and noted.  If the dryness is quite severe, we may refuse surgery.  During consultation, we will assess and discuss this with you.