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During your Free Consultation

Optimax is the only Laser Eye Surgery Clinic to provide a Patient Results Forecast customised to your prescription & age, using actual live patient data, learn more about Your Results Forecast.

We will take automated tests of your eyes, which include digital imaging of the eye, computer measured glasses prescription, corneal thickness, OPD Wavefront analysis, iris recognition and internal eye pressure tests. ICL patients will also have eye dimension measurements (biometry) and corneal cell counts.

These tests take around 30 minutes and are pain-free. Your personal consultation will establish if you are suitable for treatment. You will receive a thorough eye examination to ensure the health of your eyes and a second eye test to verify your prescription. We will discuss your general health, lifestyle and personal expectations for good vision.

You will be advised of all relevant risks and alternatives, and have the opportunity to ask any questions. We will then advise you of your suitability for treatment. For high prescriptions, eye drops may be applied to examine the eye and you may be unable to drive for up to 24 hours while your vision is blurred. You are welcome to be accompanied.

Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses affect the surface of the eye and they must be removed before your consultation and treatment. Eye tests can be inaccurate if you have not removed your lenses for long enough.

  • Soft/disposable lenses: remove for two days before consultation.
  • Soft Toric (astigmatic) and extended wear soft lenses: leave out for one full week.
  • Hard, gas permeable: remove for three weeks before consultation. Soft lenses may be used instead.

Consultations are subject to a booking deposit (£10 weekdays, £30 Weekends) this is refundable after attending the consultation.


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"Having the treatment gave me the confidence to do what I wanted to do in life..."

Alice Anderson - Musician