Visian EVO ICL - Now available at Optimax

Optimax Eye Clinics is pleased to announce the introduction of the Visian EVO ICL to its range of vision correction options. For more than 20 years now, Visian's lens technology has been providing exceptional vision for patients worldwide. The EVO is the latest and most advanced evolution of Visian's outstanding lens technology.

The new lens can provide excellent results for those who are unsuitable for laser surgery, for instance those with extreme prescriptions or thin corneas.


"I'm delighted with my result - my vision is superb. I am so grateful to have this new outlook on life, free from glasses and contact lenses. My whole experience at Optimax has been fantastic."

Gina Abolins, Production Assistant, ICL Treatment

Benefits of the EVO Lens
  • Sharp, high quality vision
  • Excellent night vision
  • Does not induce Dry Eyes
  • UV Protection
No eye tissue is disturbed during the EVO lens procedures, making this procedure fully reversible for your peace of mind. The new lens is made from biocompatible material, and works in harmony with your eye.
Visian EVO ICL video
Superb Quality of Vision

Low rate of higher order aberrations

HQAa 6mm Pupil

Significant increase in contrast sensitivity with the Staar ICL and Staar ICL V4c with Central Port