Laser Assisted Lens Replacement Surgery


Laser Cataract


Introducing Laser Assisted Lens Surgery

This new technique represents a significant step forward from traditional Lens Replacement procedures (RLE). This revolutionary procedure precisely separates the eye tissue layers required using a light beam applied for a fraction of a second.

Compared to conventional lens surgery, minimal ultrasonic power is required resulting in a more gentle and less strenuous procedure.The result is a planned and seamless surgery experience, in which the positioning of the new lens is the eye is perfect, and inflammation is minimized.

The traditional Lens Replacement Procedure

This technique replaces the eye's natural lens with a new artificial lens. The procedure is widely performed throughout the world and is well-established.

In traditional Lens Surgery, the surgeon creates an incision using a blade together with an ultrasound technique to remove the natural lens.

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Benefits of Laser Assisted Lens Surgery

Tailored Treatment

Before treatment, your eyes will be examined by your treating surgeon so that the most suitable artificial lens can be chosen. The dimensions of your eye are programmed in to the laser system in order to provide a surgery tailored precisely according to your eye’s profile, enabling the surgeon to perform a ‘custom’ procedure.

Blade-free procedure

Traditional Lens Surgery employs a blade to make the incision. While this is a long-established and successful technique, this procedure refines the process. The laser facilitates perfect incisions and lens segmentation, promoting stability in the implanted lens.

Unique visualisation software

The new laser system allows the surgeon to plan and control each stage of treatment via special visualization features, allowing each layer of the eye’s tissue to be examined individually.

Gentler, less invasive surgery

The laser assisted surgery processes and removes the eye’s natural lens using a fifth of the ultrasonic power employed in traditional Lens Surgery, and is applied to the eye tissue for a fraction of a second. This reduces strain and inflammation resulting in a gentler procedure that does not disturb the healthy parts of the eye.

Flawless results and improved long-term vision

The precision made possible with the laser provides excellent, predictable results and improves the long-term visual outlook for patients. Substantially fewer patients treated with laser-assisted Lens Surgery will require additional correction at a later stage compared to those treated with traditional Lens Replacement techniques.*

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*Source: Conrad-Hengerer, I., Al Sheikh, M., Hengerer, F. H., Schultz, T., & Dick, H. B. (2015). Comparison of visual recovery and refractive stability between femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery and standard phacoemulsication: Six-month follow-up. Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, 41(7), 1356-1364.