Symfony Lens - Now available at Optimax clinics

Optimax Clinics Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of the Tecnis Symfony ‘Extended Range of Vision’ Intraocular Lens to its range of vision correction options.
This lens has limited availability in UK and Europe, and is the first of its kind to extend the range of focus, providing a full range of high quality vision.

The new lens can offer high levels of spectacle independence among presbyopic patients and its unique design offers increased contrast compared with a traditional monofocal lens. It also aims to reduce glare and haloes, which can be present with multifocal lenses.

The Symfony lens can provide an elongated, continuous range of high-quality vision, from near to far. The effect can be likened to the ‘zoom lens’ of a camera. This is thanks to unique design features which prevent image overlap.

Symfony® Lens Patient Stories

Nicola Ellen

Gordon & Maureen Williams

Benefits of the Symfony Lens

  • Smooth, continuous range of vision
  • Reduced Glare and Haloes
  • Improved night vision and contrast
  • High quality vision at all distances