Symfony Lens: Patient Story

Gordon & Maureen Williams, RLE Treatment


Thrilled with her result, Maureen Williams encouraged her husband to follow her example and have RLE treatment at Optimax. The couple, from Tonbridge, Kent, were among the first to be treated with the Symfony lens.


I wanted to have the treatment done partly out of vanity, and for my job as a carer, where dealing with glasses wasn’t practical. Seeing up close was fine but not-so-close was difficult, and I had to take my glasses on and off continuously. Also my vision made socialising difficult, as I had trouble recognising people.

That was when I decided to have the treatment. It’s been wonderful; having the operation has changed my life, it’s made my job far easier and my leisure time more enjoyable. My vision is 100% better than it’s ever been, it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s great not wearing glasses when I’m dressed up to go out in the evening.


I used to need glasses for everything, and relied on them from the moment I woke up each day. I wore multifocals, and needed them for close vision, which is required in my job. Also I needed them for reading signs when I was driving. Now I’ve got perfect vision, and I can see well at all distances. Not having to wear glasses all the time is great, and what struck me immediately after the treatment was how much brighter everything was.

The morning after the operation the clarity was incredible. Watching TV, reading, everything is sharper. There was no discomfort or pain during the procedure, and I was amazed at how quick it was. I’ve already recommended Optimax to friends, and to my son, who wears contact lenses. We’re just enjoying life together without glasses. It’s brilliant -the only down side is that I can now see the wrinkles on my face!