Symfony Lens: Patient Story

Nicola Ellen, RLE Treatment

Nicola Ellen, 60, runs a B&B in Wingham, Kent. She was one of the first in the UK to be treated with the Symfony lens.

I hated wearing glasses. Now, since having the treatment, I have good vision at all distances, and don’t have to wear glasses at all. It’s wonderful.

Now, when I go shopping, or play bridge, I don’t have to rummage around for my glasses. It’s like turning the clock back forty years, and I really didn’t think that the results would be as good as they are.

When I’m driving I feel more confident, as I am able to read road signs and number plates from a distance.

Having the treatment has been life-transforming. Because your eyes deteriorate slowly, you can forget how it used to be when you had good vision, and now it feels like the clock has been turned back.

I was apprehensive going in for my treatment but I found it completely painless. It was something very quick for such a life-transforming operation - I would definitely recommend it, I wish I’d had the treatment done a long time ago.