Dr. Ahmad null Elsahn · MD FRCS · null

Dr Elsahn is a fully fellowship trained corneal and refractive surgeon. After graduating with honors from Egypt's prestigious Alexandria University, he remained there in order to complete his Ophthalmology residency training. At this time he mastered phacoemulsification cataract surgery and squint surgery.

He then relocated to America to complete his first cornea and refractive surgery fellowship at the Wills Eye Institute, the elite US eye hospital.
Returning to Egypt, Dr Elsahn completed his Master degree in laser eye surgery and customized corneal ablation, graduating with honors.

At this stage he joined the leading laser eye surgery center in Alexandria as a Specialist, performing and assisting in thousands of Laser Eye Surgery procedures.

In 2009 Dr Elsahn relocated to the United Kingdom after attaining fellowship of Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, followed by a second cornea and refractive surgery fellowship in Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Dr Elsahn has an extensive and a long-standing interest in corneal diseases and refractive surgery, from both the clinical and theoretical perspective.

A number of Dr Elsahn's articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals, and he retains a seat on the reviewing committee of the American Journal of Ophthalmology. He is currently leading an investigation studying corneal infection and inflammation in the University of Southampton, while studying for a PhD at the Medical Faculty at that University.

Dr Elsahn is currently performing LASIK, LASEK and Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) treatments, along with corneal cross linking, customized ablation and the Athens procedure for Keratoconus treatment.

He is a Registered Medical Practitioner with GMC and is also a member of British Medical Association (BMA).

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