Dr. Amir Hamid · BMedSci BM BSFRCOphth CertLRS

Questions and Answers

What does Optimax represent?

Optimax represents the highest levels of quality and safety in Refractive surgery.

What’s the most rewarding part of working at Optimax?

The most rewarding aspect of working at Optimax is witnessing the reactions of happy patients who are able to embark on a new life free of spectacles.

How would you rate the technology at Optimax?

At Optimax we have always insisted on the most sophisticated technology available, and continue to invest in new technology. From the latest generation of femtosecond and excimer lasers to the most advanced intraocular lenses, we continuously upgrade and update.

How would you describe the patient care at Optimax?

The care provided at Optimax has patient satisfaction at its heart. We are conservative in our patient selections, with the overall aim of delivering high quality outcomes in the safest possible way.