Laser Eye Surgery Review by Anita Shah

May, 2009

Going out not having glasses, you know, it's improved my confidence a lot more. Before my treatment I was very nervous about the whole thing, but meeting the doctor beforehand and actually speaking to him, asking all kind of silly questions I had and he answered my questions, so it made me feel more at ease. The best thing about this treatment is not having to wear glasses, not having to worry about your contact lenses, especially after a long day at work. And being able to wake up in the morning and actually being able to see.

Anita Shah, IT Specialist, had Wavefront LASEK laser eye treatment in May, 2009. Treated by Dr Madhusudhan at Optimax Manchester Laser Eye Clinic.

All our success stories are volunteered by Optimax patients who are so delighted with results of their treatment that they wanted to share their experience with others.

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