Anita - Wavefront LASEK
Samrah - IntraLase Wavefront LASIK

Anita Shah, IT Specialist, had Wavefront LASEK laser eye treatment in May, 2009. Treated by Dr Madhusudhan at Optimax Manchester Laser Eye Clinic.

Samrah Anwar, Development Officer, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Apr, 2009. Treated by Dr Madhusudhan at Optimax Manchester Laser Eye Clinic.

Anita and Samrah: It was both of our ideas.

Samrah: But we just managed to talk each other into it.

Anita: Yeah, go for it.

Samrah: We hadn't got round to it, so it was a case of, just..

Anita: I think we'd looked into it individually, but never actually did it did we..

Samrah: I think she was more hesitant then me though; I had to do a bit more talking into her.

Anita: Had to push each other. I think the confidence levels have improved.

Samrah: With glasses, yeah..

Anita: I've noticed that, yeah.

Samrah: You just feel drabby and you don't care about anything in glasses, but when you're not in glasses, everything's great.

Things are definitely more fun, we cause a lot more trouble together now and we plan to cause a lot more.

I'd say it was a great experience. I've recommended it to everyone.

Anita: I'd say, I was very nervous all throughout, and thanks to [Samrah] I've got it done, otherwise I probably wouldn't have, got the, actually got it done.

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