Laser Eye Surgery Review by Bill Marklew

February, 2010

I think the biggest thing was basically being able to see the golf course, a lot clearer. I should have worn glasses, I think, for about 20 years, and never did, and struggled round a gold course thinking that I was fine. Now, as a professional golfer, you have to see the course. After treatment, it was just a revelation, that's the only way I could describe it. Even to see the golf ball flying through the air was just, outstanding. I'd never worn glasses and it was superb. I couldn't see the pin, I couldn't see the greens, to a certain degree, and I was playing golf to a standard which I thought was OK. And immediately afterwards was just, just fantastic. It was like some, like some, it was almost as though I'd gained 40 yards off the tee, because I was 40 yards farther forward and I could see. To see the hole for a long putt was just, fantastic. You're playing courses you don't know, especially as a golf professional, so you are guessing your way round the course. Now, from not being able to see what you need to see, to being able to see it, can easily knock 10 shots off. It's, I know it's a big number, but realistically it was easier to shoot the good numbers; it was easier, just easier everything. Driving to the courses, to see the road signs was easier, there was no sort of strain, oh I can't see, I can't do this, you know, you got there, you were more relaxed. I'd have to recommend Optimax. I think that Optimax, I think it's something that, has changed my life. Optimax were great, they have been great as far as, aftercare's concerned, as far as the procedure, as far as the price is concerned. I've got no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Optimax.

Bill Marklew, Professional Golfer, had LASIK laser eye treatment in May, 2006. Treated by Dr Hynes at Optimax Manchester Laser Eye Clinic.

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