Laser Eye Surgery Review by Carolyn Cooke-Sanderson

November, 2008

You can't describe what it's like to be given your vision back after you've been, you know, in glasses for so long. I think you can forget what it was like, or you just, you get used to having this same old routine. But I haven't worn eye make-up in years. Just because the mascaras mess with my contact lenses so badly, and I always felt with my glasses they covered my eyes up, so I didn't bother. Now, I mean they're like Rolf Harris in the morning, like, just with all these different colours. But I feel really different about it, and a lot more confident in myself. And my husband says he's noticed a difference, that I just, you know, he says I look more beautiful.

Carolyn Cooke-Sanderson, Yoga Instructor, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Nov, 2008. Treated by Dr Ayoubi at Optimax Southampton Laser Eye Clinic.

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