Cataract Eye Surgery Review by Camelia Holly

Camelia Before Cataract Eye Surgery Camelia After Cataract Eye Surgery

I am a motorcycle enthusiast and a qualified RAC/ACU Motorcycle Instructor, having worked for the Kent County Constabulary for 15 years. My job also involved police riot and crowd training plus some very hectic work with Metropolitan Police.

Horses which required running in front of them to judge their reaction to crowd activity, fireworks etc... being a marathon runner (London, Canterbury and Maidstone marathons) really helped here! Accurate sight was an absolute necessity in this type of work and although I wore contact lens, the fumes from petrol bombs thrown during training could cause problems for me.

When I first approached Optimax, I thought I only had slight eyesight problems. Optimax discovered cataracts which, had they not been found, would have gradually caused my sight to deteriorate. Also the sight in the right eye was extremely poor.

These problems were corrected with lens implants - both eyes are now perfect and I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in November snorkelling in the Maldives and viewed the colourful fish clearly through my facemask.

The treatment I received was at all times professional and informative. Having worn glasses since childhood due to severe short-sightedness, it is now a miracle beyond belief that at the age of 60 I am seeing without glasses or contact lenses. Something I never thought possible.

My renewed sight means greater safety to pursue my hobbies of motorcycling and underwater snorkelling. It also makes travel easier as I do not worry about removing/replacing lenses when retiring to sleep.

The most lasting impression I have of my treatment is the professional nursing, infinite care and enduring support given to me by the staff at Optimax, using state of the art technology.

I frequently received weekend and evenings calls at home and advice was always readily available 24/7. I did not experience any pain or even real discomfort and at all times felt I was in safe, expert hands.

I cannot speak highly enough of Optimax and would have no hesitation in recommending them.