Cataract Eye Surgery Review by Ijeoma Agwu

Ijeoma Before Eye Cataract Surgery Ijeoma After Cataract Eye Surgery

I am indeed very happy for the professionalism that Professor Ventor and the entire Optimax staff exhibited during and after the surgery.

Myself and other patients were received and treated well. We were made to feel very welcome and relaxed on the day of surgery and aferwards I could see very well without my prescription glasses, which is amazing and a welcome relief.

By the next day during the post surgical care, I saw that many others who had the same surgery were all chatting very happily at their new vision and we kept congratulating one another! It was like a big family reunion.

By the time it was my turn to see the Professor, he confirmed that I already had 60% of my vision back and that my vision would keep improving as the days go by.

I have realised that to date I have not experienced any headache, itching nor redness of the treated eye.

The new multi-focal lens feels very natural as if I were born with it and I can very confidently say that I can see crystal clear. I will definitely recommend the service of Optimax and especially of Professor Ventor to any one considering cataract removal.