RLE/Cataract Surgery Review by Joseph Lewis

photo of 'RLE/Cataract Surgery Review by Joseph Lewis'

Aug 17, 2013

Joseph Lewis had been virtually blind since childhood, and had almost given up hope on being able to drive.

I was not far off being registered blind and only able to work because my employer has supported me by providing software that magnifies the computer screen so that I can work. I have always wanted to be able to drive but it seemed impossible, especially once I developed cataracts

Joseph, 26, would not have qualified for surgical intervention on the NHS until he was blind, and sought advice at Optimax in Newton Abbot.

Some surgeons felt that I was too high risk to operate on but I knew that I would soon be completely blind if I did nothing. I have suffered depression due to how my vision affects my life and I thought I would never be able to drive, so I have always been very dependent on other people.

The experienced surgeon at Optimax, Mr Moayedi, replaced Joseph’s natural lenses, and at the same time removed the cataracts. During the procedure his lenses were replaced with artificial AMO Toric lenses. Working much like a sophisticated spectacle lens, the implant corrected his shortsightedness and astigmatism – meaning Joseph now has excellent distance vision;

I just didn’t know how my vision would be after the surgery – before I couldn’t read a car number plate at 10 metres, let alone 20 metres, but now I can see far into the distance – it is incredible.

I am now seeing the world in high definition. Good vision is a gift and I hope that I never take it for granted. My wife has noticed how much happier I am. Now I can see as far as the eye can see and spot things in the distance. I couldn’t believe how many stars there are in the night sky….and most importantly, I have just passed my driving test – only seven weeks after the surgery!