Cataract Eye Surgery Review by June Cookson

June Before Cataract Eye Surgery June After Cataract Eye Surgery

I was born with bad eyesight which was diagnosed at three years of age (because I kept bumping into things. My prescription levelled out at L-13.0 and R-9.5 and for years I struggled with huge thick glasses and contact lenses that made my eyes water.

I contacted Optimax who recommended removal of the damaged lenses (cataract surgery) and new lens implants. From the person who took my enquiry to the surgeon who performed the operation, everyone I came into contact with was a complete professional. No-one was too busy to answer any questions and ease any concerns that I may have had.

It's hard to believe that everything is done to such high standards for such a small price. As a bonus, I felt no pain... and that's the truth!

At no time did this treatment hinder my day to day life. Now the treatment is complete, my eyesight is L-1.25 and R-0.75. It was like someone had put the lights on and, for the first time, I can see colours as they are meant to be seen.

If anyone wants to talk to me about any fears they may have please contact Optimax who will pass on any enquiries. God Bless all the Angels at Optimax.