Lens Surgery Review by Eddie Edwards

August, 2003

It was very, very difficult trying to ski and trying to ski jump wearing glasses and also having such a bad prescription because my eyes were so bad. It was always very difficult in all the sports I've done it was always very, very difficult wearing glasses. It's like an obstacle I've had to overcome as well as everything else.

So when I skied jumped the very last thing I would do before I go down for the jump is bring my goggle down my glasses because I knew my glasses would steam up, totally steam up and I couldn't see where I was going.

As I came down the jump and picked up speed the air would flow down my goggles and would usually clear up my glasses, but probably three or four jumps in every ten they didn't, and so I would be hitting the take off doing 75miles per hour and leaving the take off and I couldn't see where I was going.

My glasses would totally steam up, I couldn't tell which way up I was and it was very, very difficult and very dangerous and so wearing glasses was an extra obstacle that I had to over come and a very difficult obstacle.
Now that I don't have to wear glasses because I had the operation in 2003 I don't know what it would be like to ski jump but when I ski it's wonderful I can ski like a normal person. I bring my goggles down and my glasses don't steam up because I'm not wearing them and it's wonderful I can see were I'm skiing all the time.

When I do my sports I can play golf better now my handicap has improved, my tennis is ok so sports in general has been fantastic.

The slight worry I did have before having the operation was would people recognise me because a big part of how people recognise me as 'Eddy the Eagle' was my glasses, the big chin I had and the big glasses I wore but people do still recognise me even not wearing glasses and I'm amazed when they do.

To be honest even though they don't recognise me as much as they use to do it was a very small price to pay. Not having to wear glasses has made such a big impact in my life in everything I do it was well worth it.

"If I could have had the operation done 20 years ago before Calgary 22 years ago
now it would have been wonderful.

I think everyone should have the operation done and glasses could be a thing of the past."

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards, Legendary Olympic Ski Jumper, had Lens Implants / ICL in Aug 2003. Treated at Optimax London Laser Eye Surgery Clinic.

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