IntraLase Wavefront LASIK Review By Gareth Murray

Apr, 2010

Hello. My name is Gareth Murray and I'm a PGA golf professional. I'm considering having Laser Eye Surgery as I am beginning to struggle with my distance vision. I find it hard to pick up the flag stick on the green when hitting my approach shots and also struggle to follow the ball flight in the air, after I've hit the shot.

I'm hoping by having Laser Eye Surgery, it's going to give me a sharper clarity of vision and I hope to instil confidence back in every aspect of my game.

I'm aware of different options available to me to combat my distance vision when playing golf such as glasses or contact lenses. The only issue with glasses is that due to the rims, there is a possibility of loss of peripheral vision and, also they are susceptible to bad weather conditions such as the rain where the lens will constantly need wiping and sometimes can steam up. In the case of contact lenses, I just struggle to put them in my eyes and end up making my eyes red and sore.

I'm a little apprehensive about having Laser Eye Surgery done, as golf is my profession and my eyes are a key component. But having spoken to a few friends, both in golf and other fields of business who've had the procedure have assured that everything is fine and the results are excellent.

Today I've been to my local Optimax in Leeds for my consultation, and I found that the staff were very kind and accommodating. Every aspect of the tests that were carried out today was well explained and, every one of my questions were answered very comprehensively.

The treatments are not sold to you; however the consultant will make a recommendation as to which treatment would suit you best.

Overall, I was very happy with my consultation today, and I am going to go ahead and book my Laser Eye Surgery tomorrow.

It's been a few days since my Laser Eye Surgery and already my eyes are to driving standard or better, without glasses. During the procedure, I felt a bit nervous but the staff were excellent and talked me through everything as it was happening. The initial laser cutting of the corneal flap caused some discomfort as the eye is put under suction, but other than that is was fine.

After each eye had been lasered the surgeon replaced the corneal flap, making sure it was in place correctly, and then covered it with a protective contact lens. After the procedure was done I was taken to a darkened room and allowed to sit there and relax whilst I waited to be picked up from the surgery.

My vision was slightly blurred after the procedure but this was due to the protective contact lenses. After about an hour my eyes started to feel a bit gritty and watering a lot so I went to bed. Waking up the next morning, the grittiness had gone and my eyes felt perfectly fine.

I then attended my follow up appointment, had the protective contact lenses taken out and this was my first realisation of how good my sight had become and, I was able to read all the letters on the sight test.

It has been over a week now, since my Laser Eye Surgery and my vision is better then 20:20. It has definitely helped to improve my game and instil new confidence in my ability. It's all thanks to Optimax.

All our success stories are volunteered by Optimax patients who are so delighted with results of their treatment that they wanted to share their experience with others.

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