Laser Eye Surgery Review by Henry Brydon

Henry Brydon's Laser Eye Surgery testimonial during his charity bike ride from London to Sydney

Hi Optimax, it's Henry Byrdon here, this is the second video diary from my charity cycle ride from London to Sydney raising money for Brain Tumour Research. Currently here in Cappadocia in central Turkey on the start of the Silk Road, we finished our first leg of the trip which was crossing Europe from London to Istanbul for five incredible months. We survived to tell the tail and were now on our second stage as we follow the Silk Road through the Middle East and through into central Asia. I want to say a massive 'Thank You' to Optimax for the surgery that I had in February of this year, absolutely revolutionary for me and it's made this cycle trip possible, so thank you, thank you very much We have a website for the trip its so if you would like to follow us on there perhaps even donate that would be fantastic, thank you again Optimax and, I will check in again once we finish the Silk Road route in about five - six months time.

Henry Brydon days after his Laser Eye Treatment

February, 2010

On April 24th I leave Shrewsbury, on a bike with all the kit I need for an 18 month cycle ride, basically I'm going to be cycling over the course of about 15 months to Sydney in Australia. So we are going to be crossing Europe aiming towards Istanbul, so following down to Shambul and then taking the Sikh Road into China and then South East Asia and, then eventually through Indonesia into Australia and, yeah aiming to get to Sydney in 15 months time. That's the plan but we haven't really got or are in a huge rush, there's nothing I need to get there for in such, but that's the time frame were working to financially, as much as anything. I decided to do the Laser Eye Surgery for cycling reasons, because I had done a lot of practise trips obviously in the run up and noticed that with the rain and, the weather in England cycling with glasses on, when it's raining is actually really dangerous to be honest with you. I found my glasses would steam up, water would collect on the lenses and, I was constantly wiping and then it would leave a blurred field of vision anyway and, there was a couple of instances which were quite scary just because I didn't see potholes on the road or things like that, so I knew something had to be done about it. I've worn contacts before when I was in Dubai but I just never really enjoyed wearing them. I don't know whether it was the humidity there, but my eyes were constantly dry, but obviously when your doing this sort of trip contacts don't really make much sense because, your not really going to be cleaning yourself for days on end and, obviously you're dipping into the solutions or dirty fingers or whatever else with that you're asking for an eye infection basically. The difference is just ridiculous you know not having to worry about the glasses to start with but, also the appreciation of things like even the views you come to once you get to the top pillar or a mountain, you want to be able to see all the way to the horizon and, see what's around you and sort of appreciate what your seeing and, so it's making a huge difference to that. Also other things like road signs as well, when you're approaching a road sign and you're sort of panicking when you come to a few meters from it because you can't read it you might make a wrong turn, or you might do something, or might have a little bit of a nightmare and, sort of go the wrong way whereas now it's not a worry at all, so yeah it's made an absolutely huge difference. Were going to go through a total of 25 countries, although our route is quite flexible, well certainly flexible in the sort of Middle East region you know getting visas for Iran and some of the central Asian countries and China can be quite tricky and, sometimes they just put an outright ban on letting westerns into certain countries. So we got to be flexible we want to avoid getting onto a plane at all cost, but if we have to sort of re-route through Gorgia and maybe sort of Kasistan then so be it, but on paper at the moment its 25 countries, but yeah it's about 18,000 miles I think. Well I think Laser Eye Surgery has made the world of difference for this trip. I genuinely think it wouldn't have been possible if I didn't have this treatment. I think it's going to be the start of probably a few more trips after that, I'd like to think.

Henry Brydon, Charity Cyclist, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Feb, 2010. Treated by Laser Eye Surgeon Dr Masilamani at Optimax Birmingham Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

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