ICL Eye Surgery Review by Brian Surridge

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Aug 1, 2004

When I applied to Optimax for ICL Treatment I thought am I doing the right thing? I booked an appointment for a consultation with professor Venter at Finchley Road, London using their ultramodern diagnoses machines for prescription readings. I have also been short-sighted and at 48 years of age decided to get something done about it.

It did not surprise me to see the prescription of -12.5 RE and -11.0 LE. I was fed up wearing ultra thick glasses so changed over to contacts. For some 16 years to March 2005 these provided problems with tearing/lumps/missing due to thinness. After the consultation which cost a reasonable £85 I booked in a week later for Implantable Contact Lenses.

I admit I was quite nervous are first but speaking to patients about the treatment relaxed me considerably. Having had the first eye done I noticed considerable improvement the following day. Amazing in less than 16 hours! On the journey home by train it was nice to see again. My LE was done a week later again my vision was very good 18 hours later.

During surgery there was no discomfort. Even with recovery there was hardly any discomfort apart from what is described as 'sand in the eyes' for a small amount of time. Now 4 weeks later vision is getting better and better all the time. I realise I shall have to wear low prescription glasses for reading. But this is expected at over 45 years of age.

A very small price to pay what I consider what my prescription was. It takes a few weeks to get into the routine of not having to remove contact lenses anymore after wearing them for some 16 years!!! I found the price of £995 per eye very reasonable and affordable and would recommend Optimax to anybody who was serious to have treatment. I have already mentioned to a few friends who are considering this.

I would like to thank all the staff at Optimax true professionals, polite/courteous nothing is too much trouble. I would also like to thank Professor Venter and his medical staff for doing a superb job. He really is special. To answer the question I started with - "Am I doing the right thing having ICL's - YES, MOST DEFINITELY! Thank you to very much.