ICL Eye Surgery Review by Frances Pritchard

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Aug 1, 2004

I had worn glasses since the age of eight and my sight was steadily getting worse. Before approaching Optimax I did quite a bit of research over the Internet.

I had made a list of reasons why I wanted the treatment for too many to mention but the main one's were: couldn't see a thing without my glasses, first thing I grabbed in the morning was my glasses.

If I had to get up in the middle of the night, I needed my glasses. The lenses were really heavy; the weight on my nose often gave me headaches. In the heat my glasses would slip down my nose, they steamed up when entering a warm room, I needed a second pair with me at all times in case they broke and the cost of my glasses because of expensive thinner lenses.

I felt nervous and apprehensive about the treatment but everything was clearly explained to me, all staff were friendly and reassuring. It has completely changes my life, I feel more confident. My face has changed; all I used to see in the mirror was my glasses.

I can enjoy life, exercising, dancing without my glasses bobbing up and down on my nose. I would certainly recommend the procedure to anyone with severe short sightedness; I am delighted I went ahead with it.