ICL Eye Surgery Review by Ian Gray

photo of 'ICL Eye Surgery Review by Ian Gray' photo of 'ICL Eye Surgery Review by Ian Gray'

Aug 1, 2004

Ian Gray prior to ICL treatment was registered blind and had his own guide dog.Ian was born with progressive myopia (short sightedness) but was misdiagnosed with a genetic condition. As a child his eyesight deteriorated rapidly.

He was forced to wear what he describes as 'coke bottle' glasses and attended a specialist school for the visually impaired until he was 15, when his eyesight stabilised. His prescription then remained the same for 20 years, but started to worsen when Ian was in his mid 30s and developed into tunnel vision.

At this point his condition was further exacerbated by stress which caused him to go completely blind for days at a time.

Whilst on holiday in Portugal, Ian decided to visit a local eye clinic where he was told that his condition, which due to the misdiagnosis he had previously understood to be untreatable, could in fact be corrected by the relatively simple ICL procedure.

On his return to the UK, 45 year old Ian, a woodworker from Cornwall, contacted Optimax. Following a consultation Ian underwent surgery this August.

Commenting on the treatment Ian said; "I was expecting good results, but this is fantastic. I could see straight away, even during the operation I realised that I could see the pattern in the ceiling above me, and my eyesight is still improving every day! "For the first time I can see everything in detail.

I am now able to do my work without mechanical support and drive without glasses, however it is still the simplest things in life which now give me pleasure - such as being able to see every individual leaf on a tree."

Since the operation Ian has been able to throw away his guide dog Daniel's harness, but has kept his faithful companion as a pet. Optimax Proprietor, Russell Ambrose, comments; "Good eyesight is no longer a luxury only available to the rich; our ICL treatment is available and affordable for everyone in the UK who needs it."