RLE Surgery Review by Ivka Gorianni

August, 2013

Bournemouth accountant and barrister, Ivka Gorianni, has a new view of the world and a renewed focus for business, thanks to RLE treatment at Optimax.

Having been dependent on assorted pairs of specs for distance and near vision for more than 30 years, Ivka, 57, decided to look for a permanent solution.

“I was short-sighted, long sighted and had an astigmatism – I needed different glasses for everything and I was always anxious about not having the right pair with me or of losing them when I was out. It made me feel very vulnerable as I simply could not function without my glasses”.

She tried contact lenses- but without success. “The amount of close work that I do also gave me regular headaches due to the eye strain,”

Finally, Ivka sought professional advice from Optimax Southampton. After a detailed consultation, she discovered that her ideal option was RLE treatment.

The outcome was a revelation. “My result has been truly life-changing and now I don’t need glasses for anything. I have taken up photography – something that I have always been keen on but a camera and glasses do not go well together.” “The whole team at Optimax were amazing and just two days after the operation I was driving. My vision is now what it was when I was 25, before I started wearing glasses,” she said.

“I now realise how dependent I was on my glasses for reading labels, shopping lists and working. Street signs and number plates are strikingly clear – the treatment has given me such a feeling of independence. I am just sorry that I waited so long to have the operation”.

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