RLE Surgery Review by Ken & Vivienne Mundell


Feb & Mar, 2013

Amateur photographer, Ken Mundell, 65, now has a sharper focus than ever – thanks to a brave step to renew his deteriorating vision.

Ken, who had been troubled for eight years by poor natural eyesight for both distance and near work, decided it was time to seek a permanent solution.

As a carpenter with a keen interest in photography, Ken has been given a new lease of life since overcoming his concerns and seeking expert medical advice. He had looked at laser eye surgery several years ago but decided that it was not right for him at that time.

“But since my eyesight had deteriorated I looked at the surgical route again and was amazed at how things have moved on. As a carpenter I have always found glasses to be a nuisance,” said Ken.

He consulted specialist eye surgeons at Optimax in Newton Abbot, and after a thorough consultation he had multifocal lenses surgically implanted into both eyes in a short procedure conducted under local anaesthetic.

“I am now glasses-free and it is brilliant! The colours are so bright and the contrast is noticeably different – I notice these things through my interest in photography. I made such a quick recovery and was back to driving within a week.”

Following Ken’s success his wife Vivienne, 64, who had worn glasses and contact lenses for fifteen years, has taken the step and had her vision renewed.

“Viv was amazed by the results – just a day after the operation,” said Ken.

Between them the couple have disposed of fifteen pairs of glasses!

Treated in February & March 2013 at Optimax in Newton Abbott.