ICL Eye Surgery Review by Paul Arthurs

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Aug 1, 2004

I was extremely short sighted and could do nothing without my lenses. From about the age of four I had to wear very thick glasses and as I also had dark curly hair life was not to easy. My nickname even became 'Bins' as my glasses were so thick.

As soon as I could I removed my glasses even though without them I was literally blind as a bat. My eyesight was so limited that I struggled to put my lenses in every morning, as I could not see them!

I had heard about Optimax a few years ago but, as my prescription was so bad I fell outside the criteria of people that could be helped. Last year I was discussing my eyes with a friend who had just had the laser eye treatment done at Optimax's Bristol clinic.

She was so excited about the difference that it had made to her life that she persuaded me to enquire as to whether there was now anything that could be done for me.

Optimax in Bristol referred me to the London clinic and I quite honestly can say I have never looked back. I had to have the permanent contact lenses but the treatment I received and the after care are second to none.

After the first operation I was amazed that as soon as I opened my eyes I could see, albeit a bit blurry to start with but the vision just kept getting better. By the time I woke the next morning a new world had opened up to me.

I would recommend this to anyone, as the difference it has made to my life is unbelievable. My prescription was -19.00 in one eye and -21.00 in the other... so who said miracles are not possible?