ICL Eye Surgery Review by Valria Vargas

photo of 'ICL Eye Surgery Review by Valria Vargas'

Aug 1, 2004

The day I arrived for my LASEK treatment I was astonished to discover that I suffer from a rare eye disease called Keratoconus. This meant I couldn't go ahead with the Lasek treatment to cure my astigmatism.

Optimax then referred me to Professor Venter, who told me the only way to treat and cure the progression of the disease would be to have 'Intacs' implanted into my eyes. Keratoconus is a disorder of the cornea, which over time protrudes like a cone and not a ball shape and distorts vision.

It can rapidly advance at any time up until visual distortion becomes so bad it is eventually necessary to have a cornea graft. As I was so pessimistic about the future of my vision I was understood the only solution would be to go ahead with surgery.

I was in a lot of discomfort for a week during my recovery. I couldn't see clearly for about a month but finally when the stitch was removed the result was remarkable and definitely worth the sacrifice.