Laser Eye Surgery Review by James Lewis

February, 2010

Every single day I wake up and I'm really happy to be able to see quite clearly. I have perfect vision; I've almost forgotten I ever wore glasses. It's fantastic on a day-to-day basis I look around and I still get quite ecstatic, you know that I can see everything so clearly, I've got better vision than most of my friends now. There was no pain to speak of and, as I said to you earlier on a day-to-day basis I feel that my life has improved and, yes I would say that my expectations have certainly been reached and surpassed.

James Lewis, Recruitment Consultant, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Feb, 2010. Treated by Dr Madhusudhan at Optimax London Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

All our success stories are volunteered by Optimax patients who are so delighted with results of their treatment that they wanted to share their experience with others.

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